All are Welcome to Participate!

Join us each Wednesday for a “Check In” meeting starting at 9:00 am at the Marion County EOC. See you there!

Our MERT Net is each Thursday at 1930 hours followed by a CERT Net at 2000 hours. All Amateur Radio licensee’s are invited to participate!


This week, MERT Members are recabling the EOC Tower.

It’s a BIG TASK…but vitally important to complete as most of the coaxial cables have reached End of Life with cracks and exposed braiding showing. Thanks go to the following MEMBERS volunteering their time to help!

20 – Monday – Kim Shulby, Bill Cummings
21 – Tuesday – Gary Neron, Bill Cummings, Pat Davis
22 – Wednesday – Gary Neron, Pat Davis
23 – Thursday – Gary Neron, Gray Moffett, Bill Sobel
24 – Friday – Jonathan Reyes, Kim Shulby, Gray Moffett


On March 29th after the MERT Check In…. participants will join the Florida Emergency Management Region 3 & 5 Exercise beginning at 11 am till 1 PM. This event occurs on the last Wednesday of each month and uses several different methods of communications verifying comm. operations. 

ALL MERT Members need to be familiar and confident with the different systems of contacting other County EOC’s in our area of Florida. This includes VHF, HF, Email, Winlink, SHARES and satellite telephone.


MERT, CERT, HEC, ARES and the General Public is welcomed to attend. Check In’s start at 9:00 am at the MERT Radio Room, Marion County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center – 698 NW 30th Avenue, Ocala, FL.


This website is for the MERT radio operators and the CERT volunteers in Marion County, Florida. It is used to pass information relating to each group, promote the use of amateur radio and pass along useful information to operate during emergencies for public safety.

The opinions expressed herein are not endorsed by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.